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June 2016
PROF AWA KALU (SAN) is a renowned academic and respected member of the inner bar. In this interview with Ise-Oluwa Ige, he is strongly of the view that the time limit of 21 days to file election petitions from the day of declaration of poll results and a maximum of 180 days for the tribunals...
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A professor and Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Awa Kalu, in this interview with DOOSUUR IWAMBE, opines that immunity clause should not be extended to principal officers of the National Assembly. The position of the constitution on im­munity? The constitution provides immunity from criminal proceedings, in favour of Chief Executives, that is to say, the...
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Kogi State has, for a very long time, been famous. Its fame is inevitable on account of its being the ‘Confluence State’ i.e. the only state that is home to the merger of the two longest rivers in Nigeria- Rivers Benue and Niger. The confluence is a product of nature. In the past few days,...
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